Do we need protection?

Do we all have a basic need to feel protected?

Is that need genetic, learned or both? Humans have evolved and survived up to this point by protecting our selves or being protected from danger by others. Those alpha males have been the strongest, most violent and they attracted, kidnapped or raped the most women. Think about Genghis Khan, the Vikings and armies that fought, plundered and raped their way across empires. More of their aggressive genes were passed on to future generations than the genes of the peacemakers who failed to reproduce.

While in college I managed an apartment house. There were quite a few single women in the building. Jay scored with some of them by pumping iron in the courtyard, but he only scored once for some reason.

I was interested in a delightful drama major and was not getting anywhere until a bunch of frat rats chased another girl up a stairway. They tipped over a fire extinguisher in the process that sprayed the walls. I grabbed the last one running away by the collar and demanded some identification. They were going to come back and repaint the damage. The kid showed me a fake ID that I tore up. He finally showed a real drivers license and student ID. They did come back later to fix the damage. This kid could have probably kicked my ass and gotten away, but I was older, full of adrenalin and in control of the situation.

Annie, the object of my interest watched the action from her window. Now I was no longer the laid back manager, but a protector and her attitude about me changed for the better.

Do people endure abusive relationships just to feel protected? Do tyrants create fear and boogiemen that exploit our needs to feel protected?

Why do we follow leaders in cowboy boots that take our rights away and lead our nations into self-destructive wars?

Potential leaders who get framed as weak lose to the guys who talk tough.

Is the “need” of personal guns part of the basic need to protect one’s self, family and tribe?

Is our home our castle, our protective cave? So to reach the public about peace and less violence, should we have to address the basic need to feel protected?



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