Some Costs of War

How about the pain and suffering of the survivors of those killed in every war? Too often people not involved ignore the pain of people that they don’t know or can’t relate to.

How about the refugees driven from their homes with only what was on their backs? How about the refugees who never have a chance to return home or rebuild their lives?

How about the loss of livelihoods or means to support one’s family? The loss of respect of not being able to protect and provide for one’s own family is devistating.

How about the physical and psychological wounded participants of war and its aftermath? PTSD, loss of limbs, TBI, futures of combatants.

Destruction of government structures no matter how questionable.

We threw out all of the existing governmental structures in Iraq and chaos followed.

How about the diversion of scientific talent from the public and nation’s wellbeing into war production?

How about war profiteering that results in the concentration of power and money by a few at the top at the expense of education, infrastructure and much more important benefits for the rest of citizens?

How about the slashing of music, arts, sports and all other humanizing school programs?

How about the people blown to pieces by landmines and unexploded ordinance left after wars?

How about the fields, roads and other places too dangerous to be used because of mines?

How about the physical damage to farmland, cities, infrastructure and institutions?

How about the poisons like Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium left from war and the genetic mutations they cause in both victor and victim?

No one really wins wars except the war profiteers.



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