For-Profit Schools

Another gripe I have is with for-profit schools that train people for jobs that too often do not exist. The students graduate with a piece of paper, but with no job to live on and a large debt to pay off.

These for-profit schools have jumped on the GI Bill veteran training gravy train. For example our tax dollars are going into training vets for jobs in the movie industry where established industry pros can’t find enough work for themselves or any jobs for their own kids. It used to be common for industry moms and dads to get their kids into the industry. (I know a little about it. I spent 30 years in Hollywood and have friends that still work there.)

These film schools have bought all the latest equipment and appear legit, but the teachers are often people who can’t get a job in the real industry. They might have have a master’s degree from a film school and an education degree but no real experience beyond that.

What can we do? First learn some facts. Google “for-profit school scam”.

These for-profit schools have a large effective lobby that donates to politicians to help themselves to student and our taxpayer dollars. You might call them the For-Profit-School-Congressional-Industry. Google, “for-profit school lobbying”.

We can also warn people about to fall into this trap.

Maybe write a letter to the editor. Make it personal. You are angry about waste of your tax dollars. You are angry that vets (and our government) are being taken advantage of.



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