Preventing War at a Military Contractor Level

There is a defense contractor or military base in every US House of Representative Member’s district. This was designed to keep support for military spending and the jobs created for each representative. This has little to do with protecting our nation and more for protecting our military contractor’s profits.

Don’t get me wrong. We need the best hardware our troops need to protect our nation. We can do that with a lean and mean military focused on real threats.

Some questions:

Do weapons in the hands of military leaders create an “itch to test them”?

Is it wise to sell or give weapons to nations or groups that changes the balance of power relationships with their neighbors? This leads to arms races (and more profits).

Should we sell weapons to governments to keep their own citizens suppressed?

Do we need Star Wars and SDI projects? Are the North Koreans,  Iranians or any other group really crazy enough to risk nuclear annihilation by sending an ICBM to America or Israel with their own address of origin on it? Isn’t it a lot easier, cheaper and safer for an enemy to send a nuke or dirty bomb by un-inspected freight container or airfreight? Isn’t that where our inspection money should be going?

Israel inspects every incoming container. Why can’t we?

What is Homeland Security doing with all that money? Making us remove our shoes?

Some difficult things that we hope for:

Take excess profits and non-competitive bidding out of the war industry process.

In earlier times war profiteers were prosecuted, not given more contracts.

Require firm bids on military projects with no cost overruns.

Prevent retiring military brass from becoming management and lobbyists for military contractors.

Create realistic military requirements for potential wars and real defense needs.

Stop building unneeded projects that even the military says they really don’t need.

Make “Black Budget” projects public or at least available to all members of Congress.

Hold Black Budget projects accountable for success or failure.

Read about the Black Budget in “Blank Check” by Tim Wiener. Google “Black Budget”

Require that the management of all war manufacturers send their children and grandchildren into combat first.



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