War and I

I volunteered for the military because I was losing my education deferment and the Navy promised electronics school. I didn’t join to kill Koreans. You can call me a coward.

I had stopped going hunting after looking a dead duck in the eye that I had just shot. That didn’t stop me from eating meat that someone else had killed for me. So you can call me a hypocrite who hired someone else to do the killing for me.

Looking at human history, war will probably be with us for some time. I don’t believe in “I ain’t gonna study war no more”. Instead I believe the opposite that by looking at war and human nature from all sides we can better understand both of them and maybe prevent some wars in the future. I assume that even though some wars seem inevitable, that most people want to avoid them.

These are my own opinions and questions. I know for sure that I don’t have all the answers or ever will. I ask that you to read my opinions and consider each issue.

When you disagree with me, please keep reading to see if I make more sense later on. We humans have a natural tendency to avoid things that threaten us physically or what we already believe.

When I raise doubts about things our military and government does, it is because I think that both of them can do better and it is our duty as citizens to become better informed and do what we can to improve our country for our children’s futures.

I believe that the most patriotic thing a young person can do is volunteer to serve and protect their country. I also think it is treasonous and a war crime for leaders to send those volunteers into unnecessary wars, too often for profit.

I believe that our leaders should exhaust all diplomatic options before going to war. We must not use our power to coerce other nations to join us in unnecessary wars.

Forgive me for preaching.



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