Veteran Charities

Most Americans care about their veterans and are donating large amounts to veteran’s charities that are supposed to be taking care of veteran needs that our government is not covering. Unfortunately in too many cases too much is spent on fundraising and large salaries.

Most of the scammers claim that they operate with a very low overhead and fund raising expenses, while in fact they bury most of those costs in “other expenses” on their IRS 990 forms.

There are some charities that you don’t hear much about that are doing a terrific job with little overhead and are not  spending their money trumpeting what a great job that they are supposedly doing.

Many scammers fill many the first pages of a search engines with their own glowing entries and buy better positions on search engines with the money they should be spending on veterans.

Almost all have a patriotic name and sound like they are servicing real veteran needs.

If you are considering giving to a charity, first consider a local one that you know does good work. They are accountable to you and local watchdogs.

If you Google a vet charity and see a big “DONATE” at the very top, beware.

One ad on prime time TV costs from 1 to 4 hundred thousand dollars.

Some vet charities don’t even distribute money to vets themselves. They give the funds to another organization that takes their cut off the top and there is little left for vets in need.



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