Violence and Gender

Why are men more violent than women?

Is it genetic or learned (nature / nurture) or some of both?

Why do we men have more hair than women? Some contend that we men still retain too many violent chimpanzee genes in our DNA. Chimps are our closest living relatives. Jane Goodall was shocked when her friendly, peaceful chimps went on murderous rampages.

How many millions of years do we men need to evolve away from these genes?

How about men, testosterone and evolution?

Has the evolutionary role of men as protectors of family, tribe and territory make men more aggressive? How about men’s traditional roles as the hunters?

Do sons copy the bad example of their father’s treatment of their mothers?

Is it hormonal that women, especially mothers are much more peaceful? Were women the peacemakers within the home and tribe?

Does the long and much closer commitment to child rearing make women more peaceful? Yes, throughout history there have been a few women warmongers, but very few of them. Some historians claim that the Amazons are a myth, maybe to soothe our male consciences.

Weren’t the ancient gods of war all male? In evolutionary times that isn’t very long ago.



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