Why Hiroshima

I went to Hiroshima and Nagasaki while in military service in Japan 1954-57. There wasn’t much left or rebuilt then. Many years later I met Miyoko Matsubara a Hiroshima survivor and peace advocate. Google her name for her amazing story.

I have read and heard many different opinions about the dropping of those bombs. Many believe that it was necessary because of the fact that Japanese soldiers and some civilians fought to the death on Pacific Islands. This was evidence that resistance during an occupation of mainland Japan might have been as fierce. Proponents of dropping the bombs believed that the shock of the bombs would avoid a terrible occupation cost and that it would also save Japanese lives in the long run.

As it happened, the American occupation was one of the most peaceful in history.

Mc Arthur recommended that the Emperor be retained and not be tried as a war criminal. At the Emperor’s command the Japanese forces stopped fighting. We went in and fed the very hungry population and fostered a democracy. A good book is “Embracing Defeat” by John Dower.

Google “Why did we bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Some issues to consider:

Why not drop the bombs on the Caucasian Germans?

Why not drop the bombs on un-populated islands as a demonstration?

Was it to show the Russians our willingness to use the bombs on enemies?

Wasn’t the firebombing of Tokyo an effective deterrent? 1 million civilians died.

Now we are upgrading our nuclear forces at an estimated cost of from 350 billion to one trillion dollars. Why? Are we fueling yet another profitable arms race?



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