How to insure that terrorists win.

How to insure that terrorists win.

Why have early Christians and many religions succeeded? They were persecuted.

Why did the American Colonies rebel against British abuse? They were being unfairly taxed and didn’t want to have slavery questioned.

What did Pearl Harbor accomplish for the Japanese?  It galvanized the American determination and efforts to defeat foreign aggression.

What motivated the British to stand up to Hitler? He bombed them.

Bombing the Germans in revenge didn’t stop their war production either. It made them fight harder.

What gave the Vietnamese motivation to resist and ultimately defeat the Americans? The huge slaughter of civilians by the most powerful military in the world.

What gave the Afghans and Iraqis motivation to fight American occupation? Again, the huge slaughter of innocent civilians by the most powerful military in the world and the taking of their natural resources.

When has prosecuting, bombing or killing people make them resolved to not fight back?

When will the most powerful military in the world finally understand the futility of squandering trillions of dollars of resources killing innocent civilians in foreign countries (creating ever more motivated enemies) and start improving conditions in their own country?

No Bull Bill.


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