Things we can all do to prevent future wars for oil.

Drink needed liquid from the tap not cans and bottles. Filter if necessary.

Drive and accelerate slower. Save 20% gas, lives and tension.

Walk and bike whenever possible. Good for our health and minds too.

Carpool to school and work. Make shopping lists, plan and reduce trips.

Resist impulse buying. Avoid malls. Make that old one last longer.

Share, repair and care for or better yet, rent power equipment.

Use manual tools and appliances. Buy locally produced food and goods.

Replace sports requiring travel with local sandlot, neighborhood sports.

Grow food at home. Plant CO2 storing fruit trees. Bring nature to kids.

Reduce water and electricity usage. Use energy efficient lighting.

Reset thermostats and wear sweaters or shorts at home and at work.

Become an energy conservation example for your family, friends and neighbors.

Hybrids and alternative energy are not enough. Conservation works right now.

The oil we save today we will need tomorrow for all those non-energy uses.

Bark Eater


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