Citizens Stampede

Why do citizens follow leaders who dominate the mass media encouraging their citizens into a submissive fury to accept wars, while at the same time these same citizens fail to notice the social domination and personal hardship that a war-all-the-time economy imposes on them?

Why are we fed the misinformation that the only examples of these tyrants exist in communist or totalitarian states, never in the good old US of A?

Is 2003 and the invasion and decimation of Iraq as a functioning country (that was of no threat to the US) such an ancient crime that we are blinded to similar scenarios trying to erupt today?

Is the modern tele-media replacing the rallies, demonstrations, and mass events of the past in which people could feel collective righteousness for disastrously mistaken and hurtful policies?

What part of our brain needs to be reactived to be repulsed and disgusted with violent-mass-mind-speak?

No Bull Bill


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