Navy Times and F-35

Last Wednesday at our local vet coffee, I read in the Navy Times questions about the F-35C fighter. (C for carrier model.) “Analysts: Navy brass view F-35C’s stealth as overrated” by David Larter, Navy Times writer.

The gist of the article is that the F-35’s “stealth (ability) may be overrated”. For all that money spent the ability to avoid radar detection is questionable. Radar technologies are always being up-graded as are stealth plane technologies. All aircraft engines put out heat that is detectable by heat seeking missiles.

The issue of unmanned fighters (much cheaper drones) was brought up as the likely future.

Just below this article is talk about “sixth-gen” planes to supersede the F-22 andF-35. The F-35 is a 50-year program and now they are talking about the next generation planes? The F-35 is not even yet fully tested and it’s computer problems solved. The F-22 finally flew another combat mission against ISIS the other day.

So why are building these fighters and now the new generation bombers?

Are we preparing for WW III or just making a lot of money preparing?

Are we trying to bankrupt China like we did Russia with arms race spending? China’s J-20 bomber is in the works. Whom do they fear?

Don’t get me wrong. We need the right weapons to protect America from real threats. I question projects that appear to me as pork for American politicians and gravy for the war profiteers.



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