War is Not Glorious

War is the failure of civilization but we build monuments to war: Generals atop their steeds, privates charging forward, machines grinding flesh.

We hang medals on the winners and hang the losers but the winners are not always the righteous, they are only the winners.

The winners demand reparations, the losers pay and the cycle starts all over again. We were abused, our pride destroyed and going back to war will regain our dignity.

The warrior does his duty for his country and is often discarded whether he has won or lost. Sometimes he is blamed for losing of an un-winnable war.

Trying to survive in battle the warrior has to kill another mother’s son he has been thoroughly trained to hate.

War can be the greatest experience of a young man’s life. It is the ultimate survival game. An insecure youth can learn discipline, teamwork, and leadership and exhibit bravery in the line of fire.

But a warrior cannot question the old men who send them out to fight and die. They have to be brave and support the truest friends they will ever have; their combat buddies.

If able, when battle wounds are healed enough, the warrior chooses to return to battle to take care of his buddies.

Honor the warrior, but not the war.



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