Putin and NATO

Is it too farfetched for Putin to think that possibly NATO (re: the USA) is trying to surround and/or provoke Russia by moving the “Free World’s” forces right up to his border with The Ukraine?

Is not one of the first duties of a national leader to protect the safety of his citizens from threat of harm? Remember that over 20 million Russians died during WW2 when their country was attacked from the west by Hitler’s Germany. That catastrophic Russian experience seems to be forgotten or otherwise not important to the pundits and politicians who yell about Russian aggression.

Thinking back to the early 1960’s when Russia was discovered to have moved nuclear missiles into Cuba, 90 miles from the US border, the world faced a truly terrifying few weeks on the edge of a nuclear showdown. The US Navy blockaded Cuba preventing any more weapon deliveries and Kennedy insisted that the weapons already in Cuba be removed. The Soviet Union countered that American nukes secretly deployed in Italy and Turkey aimed at Russia be removed too. All weapons were removed. Diplomacy prevailed; we won, they won, a “hot line” was installed between Moscow and Washington DC, and the world became a little safer than before this scary confrontation.

No Bull Bill


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