Putin and NATO II

Putin and NATO II

Nations, like people, experience collective shame at being defeated and often take any opportunity to strike back to restore their pride. Look at the history of the French-German or Indian-Pakistani wars. Russia was humiliated and bankrupted by the Cold War and must feel threatened by the expansion of NATO up to its borders as with Ukraine, especially after the American president (Bush 1) promised that NATO would not expand past Germany.

What is preventing the preceding discussion from being heard in the US as it relates to the conflict in Ukraine? Might it be the power of the highly profitable military corporations coupled with a subservient mass media? Why did the once treasonous concept and practice of war profiteering recently become so acceptable here? Will it take the proverbial “mushroom cloud” to wake us up to the dangers of a military/industrial/media/congressional complex run amuck? Why is not a “we win, they win” diplomatic proposal being taken seriously now especially when the stakes are literally the possible destruction of modern civilization.

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