Evil Riders

Here are a few reasons why Congress attach riders to their bills and measures

  1. To insure votes and campaign contribution in the Congressperson’s home district by attaching to a crucial bill or measure pork, such as spending for a sports complex, a business subsidy or public works project.
  2. To force other Congresspersons to vote for a necessary spending bill by attaching something that opponents of the bill detest but can’t politically vote against.
  3. To squelch a bill or measure before it is even comes up for debate in Congress.
  4. To prevent a veto by the President on a necessary appropriation included.

Home Land Insecurity funding is a good example today.

  1. To slow down or stop the legislative process on issues that a legislator has any problem with.
  2. To get new rules changed that weakens existing citizen protections.

Would it help if we did away with bill riders altogether? It would require our representatives to create and present legislation on its own merits and maybe serve us, the voters better who elected them to office in the first place.

Line item veto provisions would allow the President to veto only the objectionable items and allow the rest to pass. I guess that we are not ready for such sanity within our national government. What’s good for 43 US State governments is not good enough for our US Congress. For more info, Google “Riders Legislation”



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