Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Military Sexual Trauma-MST is a recent term added to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD.

Too many women in our military are being raped or at the very least sexually taunted while too few their fellow male troops are standing up to protect them from abuse as they would protect their own sisters.

Are female troops exempt from the deep comradeship that bonds a band of brothers to each other? What lowers male morality in the military?

My Lai comes to mind. One helicopter pilot arriving at the scene commanded his gunner to shoot our own troops gone berserk if necessary to stop the killing of civilians. Is there any connection? Is it the responsibility of our own troops and officers to prevent abuse and crime?

Rape in the military is often by superiors that the victim is powerless to hold accountable. Too often military justice covers up dirty little secrets especially by people in command positions.

So, what pressure can we American veterans and civilians exert to change this great stain on our military? Like PTSD and TBI we have to become aware of MST and pressure our military leaders and cost cutting Congressional leaders to spend whatever money and effort is necessary to stop the destruction of women brave enough to serve in our military. They are our sisters and deserve to be treated as such.



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