Flag Burning

It is about time again for Congress to spend some valuable legislative time on flag desecration and burning amendments. It tears the heart of any citizen to see their flag desecrated especially by an enemy.

Here some riders I would attach to any legislation or amendment regarding our flag:

  1. Only American made US Flags will be flown in public.
  2. Only American made Flags will be given for donations, as prizes or thank you gifts.
  3. No Flag will be used in violation of the American Flag Code. This includes the Flag or Stars and Bars on beach towels, paper goods, Mack Trucks, hippie vans, clothes, coffee cups, etc.
  4. No message or image will be placed on our flag such as Harley Motorcycles. (Harleys are a great American product, but not on our flags.)
  5. No politician, pundit or war profiteer will stand in front of our American Flag to imply their patriotism, especially multiple flags. .
  6. Our Flag or Stars and Bars will not be used in advertising of any kind. No flags on ads and businesses for Memorial, Veterans and Labor Day automobile and mattress sell-a-thons.

Then Old Glory might get a little more respect and desecration might happen less often.



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