Terrorist?, Freedom Fighter? or Patriot?

Terrorist?, Freedom Fighter? or Patriot?

Who were the Terrorists? The Germans who Fired V-1s and V-2s at England or the Allies who bombed civilians in Germany?

Were they terrorists, patriots or businessmen competing against the East India Company who dumped English tea in the Boston Harbor?

Were the American colonial Minutemen terrorists or freedom fighters that hid behind stone walls and defeated rows of British troops who fought row by row in the accepted military standards of the day?

What were the Japanese pilots and planners who bombed Pearl Harbor?

What were the pilots and planners who dropped the A-Bombs on Japan?

The distinction between freedom fighter and terrorist is in the mind of the reader and listener. It only matters whose side you are on.

Remember we hang medals on our Generals who win and hang the Generals who lose.

Ima Wright II


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