Addicted to Comfort and Oil.

Addicted to Comfort and Oil.

I spent 30 years in TV advertising mostly selling stuff that we don’t really need. Looking back I question the damage that I did to both consumers and the planet. I find that my friends still in the business don’t see any contradiction until they retire and look back too. It’s difficult to question the morality of your source or income.

Our addiction to comfort and desires beyond our basic needs might be one of the causes of our wars for oil. The oil companies are our drug dealers who in turn try to control our government that sends our military out to protect our resources to supply our habit for more stuff.

How did we get addicted to comfort and more stuff? Advertisers have discovered the weaknesses of humans for certain comforts and stuff and they convinced us to pay money for needs that they have created.

The advertisers are continually creating new “needs” to fuel our forever-expanding economy.

What manufacturers and their advertisers haven’t taken into consideration is that the long-term results of “the expanding economy”, population growth and the limited supply of resources is a dead end.



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