America Love It or Leave It

America Love It or Leave It

I have a problem with both those who unconditionally accept everything America does

and those who only see her problems. Almost every nation has done things to be ashamed

of. We are no exception.

For me the greatest thing about our far-from-perfect Founding Fathers, was their

understanding that power corrupts. They designed a system of government that they

hoped would prevent abuse by individual leaders, interests or branches of government.

That system has been admired and copied to some extent by many other nations.

Today we are at a low point in admiration by our friends and a target of our enemies.

We are feared by both friends and enemies and for good reasons. Who are the only

people who have dropped atomic bombs on other human beings? (I have read many of

the arguments pro and con and believe that we might have done it for political or other

reasons.) I’ll address this some day.

I have heard others say that the President, Congress and Supreme Court are not in charge

either, but that it is the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Media Complex, banksters,

Wall Street, drug companies, insurance companies, etc, that really run our country.

Benjamin Franklin was skeptical that we could keep the freedoms that our founding

fathers tried to leave us.

If we don’t restore the intent of our wise founding fathers in a real balance of power, our

country “of the people, by the people, for the people”, will perish from this earth.



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