Do Clothes Make The Man?

Do Clothes Make The Man?

I didn’t learn much about psychology back in the 1950’s, when studying rats running in mazes was big. I learned a lot more observing behavior and reading Shakespeare.

That old bard, one of our finest psychologists, penned, “Clothes make the man”.

So how do clothes affect both the wearer and the observer?

How does one’s rank, assignment and clothes change one’s behavior? Stanley Milgram and the Stanford Prison experiment showed that ordinary citizens could be quickly and easily changed into tyrants and potential killers.

How about military uniform of the grunt and the general? A tie, a name tag, stripes or stars or bars, hash marks, row of campaign ribbons, medals, unit badges, specialty badges, a macho watch and an attitude etched into the face from years of practice.

How about kids, paint ball warriors or survivalists in camouflage?

What are they imagining that they are and what will they become?



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