Hey Les,

About clothes?

How about uniforms on the doctor, the cleric, tradesperson, salesperson, guru, hippie, musician, terrorist, president, teen, rock star…..

Do we respond too much to the uniform and not the person inside?

Do we notice a spot, flaw, stain, wrinkle or mismatch more than the person covered up?

How about the jewelry, posture, what they appear to be looking at, hairstyle, makeup and companions?

What besides hair length and facial hair identify someone as a hippie or a brilliant professor?

What human needs drive the ridiculously profitable fashion industry?

In the opposite direction from a status uniform, the communists tried to suppress individuality with the same drab uniforms on everyone. Were they were trying to suppress something in human nature that is too deeply ingrained? The Chinese have gone nuts about clothes, but those marching masses of North Korean troops in perfect sync are frightening. What do dictators know about conformity and control of people?

Underneath it all we are naked as the little boy pointed out about the king’s new clothes.

Ima Wright II


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