Iraq Lies and Distortion

Iraq Lies and Distortion

One Solid Piece of Evidence about 9-11: It did happen.

WMDs / No operational ones have been found.

The Prague Meeting / Czech intelligence says no such meeting

al Qaeda / Iraq connection / FBI and CIA Disagree: no connection

Yellow Cake From Niger / None

100 to 500 tons of chemical weapons agents / A few old ones found that the US sold to Saddam

Long Range Missiles to attack the US / they are 110 mile range

Mobile Biological Weapons Labs / For filling weather balloons

Nuclear Research Sites / none

Evidence in Saddam’s Palaces / none

Bunkers full of WMDs / Not yet found, but lots of stored artillery shells not protected during the invasion, but hauled off to later make IEDs to kill our troops.

High Strength Aluminum Tubes / Not nuclear related

Weapons inspectors “kicked out of Iraq” / the US withdrew them.

IAEA Report that Iraq was 6 months away from nuclear weapons / not true

British “Evidence” written by a California graduate student.

Condi Rice:” … contacts between al Qaeda and Iraq that can be documented.” / Not documented.

“….mushroom cloud” (Iraq could send missile to US.)

The US did not complain when Saddam gassed the Kurds in the 1980’s with US helicopters

Why did we believe Rush, Fox, Condi, Rummy, Pearl, Sowell, Powell, Dick and The even The New York Times’ Judith Miller?

Remember, Saddam was our friend during the Iraq-Iran war, when we were mad at Iran. Iraq is now a 3rd World Nation with a dim future in any case and has become a magnet and breeding ground for anti-US terrorists.

Ima Wright II


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