Why do we feel unsafe?

Why do we feel unsafe?

Why do we feel unsafe when we have a military as large as all of the rest of the world combined?

Why do we have so many enemies that want to hurt us? If so, why do they want to hurt us?

Does being such a “big stick” make us vulnerable? Do other nations fear us?

Shouldn’t we look at our own history and ask why would other people fear us?

There have been empires that have attacked, occupied and sacked other nations for greedy, religious and expansionist reasons. Are we guilty of that?

Are we projecting into other nations our own empire building?

Was Manifest Destiny a real American myth or reality?

How about “God Shed His Grace on Thee”? Do we have a mandate from God for the lands we took from others or bought from others who stole it from the native populations?

Don’t get me wrong. We have done some great things in history. We helped defeat Hitler. We can be proud of the Marshall Plan as it turned out.

Ima Wright II


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