Beware the call of the False Flag

Beware the call of the False Flag

Our leaders all too often dish out fraudulent reasons to justify an attack. Innocent civilians are murdered, mother earth is desecrated, soldiers sworn to protect and defend are maimed, poisoned, made crazy and/or killed. Protecting and defending what? Is it the war profiteer’s right to put our nation’s treasure in their own pockets?

We have been at war almost continuously since our founding; decimating Native Americans and their culture, pushing back competing countries and their interests, projecting force with over 700 military bases on foreign soil, giving arms and training to fair weather allies that all too often end up turning against us.

Media puppeteers complicity lead public opinion repeating lies and false logic to line their own and also the war profiteer’s pockets with our taxes that could be used to alleviate poverty, misery, and recreate the garden on earth that is the destiny most human beings feel in their hearts.

We need not continue to heed the siren call to war and destruction. The moneys to enforce global policing and domination can be rerouted to the rejuvenation of mother earth. This visualization of change appears first, hold it in your heart and act accordingly.

No Bull Bill


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