Communism and Free Enterprise

Communism and Free Enterprise

Communism has not been very successful in the long run. Leaders tend to become more equal than the masses and when the masses become aware of the inequality and force can no longer contain the masses, the regimes unravel.

Soviet Russia tried to convert the whole world to Communism by force. Their empire, like almost every other empire in history collapsed from internal rot and a misunderstanding of human nature. People who get a taste of freedom crave more and also want to receive their own fair share for their efforts.

North Korea survives by preventing any information about what life is like outside of North Korea. Russia and its satellites survived quite a few years with repressive governments.

China wisely and with the help of American consumer dollars, raised living standards and their brand of Communism that has survived so far.

Cuba’s communism barely survives and I believe that American punishment might have helped it survive. Having an enemy unites people. We should have learned that in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, but we are not very good at learning the lessons of history.



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