Nuke Upgrades

Cost of Nuke Upgrades

In the 1950’s I visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were still pretty much in ruins. In the 1990’s I met Miyako Matsubara a Hibakusha / survivor of Hiroshima.

A couple of things lately brought the nuclear issue back to mind. The US is going to spend one trillion dollars to upgrade our nuclear arsenal over the next 30 years.

I looked up some history of the bomb and found on Wiki that we have already spent almost 9 trillion in today’s dollars on nukes. (Brookings Institute figures)

One interesting thing is that we rushed development during WW II in the fear that Hitler was believed to also be developing the bomb. Then the Soviets developed theirs because of their fear of the US who had people like SAC General Kurt Le May advocating nuking Russia “before it was to late” (getting the bomb). The Soviets developed their bomb with some spy help from here in the US.

60 Minutes revealed how out-dated some of our nuclear facilities are and that some nuclear weapons operators have cheated on their proficiency tests.

And some Americans are talking about nuking Iran? A bit scary.



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