Judith Miller

Judith Miller

Last night I heard Judith Miller on Bill Maher explain that the Iraq War was just one big mistake because of bad intelligence. Oh?

Judith Miller was the New York Times source of information about the danger of Iraq following 9-11. I have heard many other claims that many Middle East experts told the Bush administration that Saddam had no WMDs but the experts were ignored. Remember Joe Wilson and the Yellow Cake? (I met Joe and Valerie) Remember hearing Saddam and 9-11 in the same sentence over and over? Remember “6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months at the very most”? Hans Blix and the IAEA were ignored. The actual use for the high strength aluminum tubes was distorted. Colin Powell was pressured to lie before the UN.

The plans for this war were spelled out in the “Plan For A New American Century” (PNAC) back in 1996. Bill Clinton was pressured by the PNAC group to attack Iraq but he refused. Then the PNAC group took over the administration with the Supreme Court selection of G.W. Bush as president.

Today I have a few questions.

Is Judith Miller trying to justify her role of getting the public to support the Iraq War as just as someone else’s mistake?

Is she part of a bigger plan to justify the war as just a big intelligence mistake?

Did anyone pay for her to write her book?

Google: “Intelligence failure and Iraq War”. Read both sides of the arguments and make your own conclusions. I am biased.



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