Safety and Fear

Safety and Fear

Does the largest military in history make us safer?

Or does it challenge other nations to protect themselves with bigger militaries too?

We can spout that, “they hate our democracy” when in fact they may just be afraid of us because what we have done to other nations we have had an issue with.

Shouldn’t Russia be afraid of us because we have surrounded them with US and NATO bases right up to their borders? (Against mutual agreements.)

Do other nations remember that we have toppled a lot of dictators and democratically elected leaders alike, some who were formerly our friends?

Or how about the nations that we have attacked who did not attack us? Native Americans, Cuba, Granada (the island), Mexico, Spain, Tripoli, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Fiji, Samoa, China, Argentina, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Formosa, Colombia, Hawaii, Korea, Egypt, Haiti, Chile, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Morocco and Turkey

Do some of our friends taint our respectability? Saudi Arabia, Bautista, Marcos, The Shah, Rhea, Noriega (yes, he was our friend once as was Saddam), Chiang, Botha, Trujillo, Samoza, Pinochet, Diem, Smith, Botha, Salazar, Selassie, ………



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