Lockheed Martin Profits

Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin, had an “earnings call” with a Deutsche Bank analyst Myles Walton last Jan. during which she commented that the unrest in the Mideast and also in the Pacific (among N. Korea, Japan and China) was a “growth opportunity” for her company. Lockheed Martin, this country’s biggest war munitions profiteer, views “instability” and “volatility” as a growth opportunity. This is logical considering the recently accepted conventional wisdom from a compliant mass media that war profiteering is not only acceptable, it is desireable. Source:


This situation does not sit well in my heart. I think about the people that are most effected in these “growth opportunity” lands and how much say they have in controlling the explosives that may soon may be falling out of the sky disrupting, to say the least, their lives. Do they condone the dividends that Lockheed Martin shareholders will be enriched with? They don’t have any say, they are just on the receiving end of a product.

Is not something fundamentally wrong with a system that apparently views conflict and violence with an opportunity for big profits? Have not human beings developed systems and techniques for resolving disputes and differences without resorting to blowing each other up? Should we not put as much time, energy and money behind educating and facilitating people to solve disputes peacefully?

Mother Earth is being wounded by a thousand cuts every day. We as conscious beings must do more to protect her, and ultimately us, from the inevitable disaster that will envelop our country as we tacitly approve profiting from war and destruction.

No Bull Bill


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