Stampede Again


Are we being stampeded into a war with Iran? Why did we send an aircraft carrier to “Off the Coast of Yemen”? Iran is an ally of Russia. What if Russia sent an aircraft carrier off the coast of Panama, Hawaii, The Philippians or Israel? How would we react?

I thought that we were trying to come to an agreement with Iran about nuclear weapons. What kind of a signal does sending an aircraft carrier have next door to a nation you are trying to negotiate a treaty / agreement with?

I keep thinking about the run up to the Iraq War, or WW I or WW II or most wars in history. “They are about attack us” or “They are massing on our border” or “We have to stop them before it is too late” (preventative war),

We hear today that Iran is harboring / supporting terrorists or supplying them weapons. Who is the biggest weapons exporter and dealer in history? Pogo had the answer.

A friend just heard someone recommend turning Iran into sand with nukes. Iran happens to be an ally of Russia. What if someone proposed nuking any one of our allies? How would we react?

It looks to me that the inmates have escaped the asylum and are trying to run our country.



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