TPP, an element of military dominance?

TPP, an element of military dominance?

We all realize that economic sanctions are a weapon of war. Remember Madeleine Albright’s 1996 comment in that the killing of 500 thousand Iraqi children by economic  sanctions was “worth it”. But the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the proposed “trade agreement” among the US, South America and East Asia? A weapon of war? That is the view of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. ABC News reported on Apr. 6, 2015 that he considers this agreement as important to him as another aircraft carrier.

Put aside for the moment his apparent desire for another aircraft carrier and the battle group it would require, why would he think that the TPP is equivalent to one of the most powerful weapons systems of the American Empire? Why would he feel the need to lobby for a trade agreement? Is the TPP another element of US military dominance?

Many of the countries that are negotiating to join with the US in this agreement are on record as resenting, to put it mildly, US military dominance. Should not Mr. Carter’s comment alert them to look a little harder at the details of this most secret treaty cementing corporate dominance and economic control? Is enforcing dominance what US military might is all about anyway?

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